Family Service

Commissioners for family affairs (Familienbeauftragte)

The main tasks of the commissioners for family affairs

• first contact person for employees and students concerned

• surveying and forwarding specific problems the faculty or Graduate Center has with the compatibility of work/studies and family needs

• spreading information from the family service to the faculty or Graduate Center

• communicating family relevant themes to the faculty convention

• participation in planning and implementing the goals of the audit „family oriented university“

The commissioners for family affairs meet once a year or on demand, the meetings are hosted by the family service. Responsible for the nomination of the commissioner for family affairs is the dean of the faculty.

List of the commissioners for family affairs




Faculty of Arts and Humanities JProf. Inger Petersen
Faculty of Business, Economic and Social Science Prof. Alexander Klos
Faculty of Law Prof. Ino Augsberg

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Dr. Tobias Illenseer
Faculty of Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences Dr. Doreen Saggau
Faculty of Engineering Prof. Robert Rieger
(proxy Dr. Ina Pfannschmidt)
Faculty of Theology Dr. Stephanie Gripentrog-Schedel
Antonia Lüdtke)


Faculty of Medicine Dr. E. Susanne Quabius
Cluster of Excellence "Inflammation at Interfaces" Dr. habil. Susanne Holstein
Graduate Center Aiymgul Kachyke