Family Service

Corona-information for employees with family responsibility

Here you can find information regarding family and work/studies with childcare as well as care responsibilities during Corona-crisis. We give our best to keep this website up to date. However, due to quick developments at the moment we might struggel to do so. This website will be updated frequently to give you the most current information available.

A word from the University Board:
The CAU University Board would like to take this opportunity to thank you most sincerely for your commitment and willingness to take on and overcome the challenges posed to us all by the pandemic and its consequences.

We are aware of the great strain that many of you are under. It goes without saying that childcare or the care of relatives must be taken into account, as this will considerably increase your personal burden. We fully understand if you are therefore not able to fulfill your tasks in research, teaching, and administration to the extent that you yourself consider desirable or necessary. We also expect this understanding from your colleagues and direct superiors.

Can I give my child into emergeny childcare?

At the moment it is only allowed for children of key workers (parents whose job is classified as system-relevant), children of single parents, children with special needs or children who start school in 2020 to be cared for in emergency childcare in childcare facilities and schools.

Information for Kiel here (in German)
Key workers and further information from the Bundesland Schleswig-Holstein here (in German)

Is an employee at Kiel University a key worker?

Unfortunatly the ministry has not declared employees of Kiel University key workers. Therefore, emergency childcare is not possible for children of Kiel University employees.

My child cannot go to emergency childcare. At what point can I expect regular childcare for my child?

Regulare childcare is supposed to start again after a step-by-step programm. Until the 21 June childcare facilities have a reduced daily or weekly rotation to care for children. This schedule is individual to each facility. From the 26 June childcare facilities are supporsed to care for children in their usual extend and hours. You can find further information on the procedure here (in German)

Is there an extra childcare by Kiel University?

No, current law does not allow an extra childcare.

Compensation of reduced income due to childcare responsibilities

Parents who are not able to work because of additional childcare responsibilities due to Corona can apply for compensation at the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.
More informarion here (in German).
Apply for compensation online here (in German).


At the moment there are no regular classes at school.
Further information from the Ministry for Education here (in German)

Employess with care responsibilities

Support for employees with care responsibilities from the Federal Government: Press release (in German)

Compatability of work, teaching and childcare

Special Leave Regulations:
You can get further information on current special leave regulations on the university's Corona-website here.

Reduction of teaching responsibilities
Unfortunatly, it is not possible to reduce teaching responsibilities because of childcare responsibilities in accordance with the LVVO.
The university board currently checks for further possibilities.

The individual situation of employees should be taken into acount in this special situation. Delays and difficulties in otherwise simple work steps can be caused due to these different circumstances.

A reduction of effectivness of employees and employers because of working at home alongside childcare responsibilities should be taken into consideration and should be accepted as such.

Individuals with a higher risk should be considered and protected accordingly.

Work contracts in the qualification phase con be extended

Short term contracts for employess in their scientific qualification phase will be able to be extended due to Corona after a change in current law.
More information here (in German)

Information concerning DFG-funded projects during Corona can be found here.

Compatability of studies and childcare responsibilities

All general information can be found on the website of  Studentenwerk: Information

Please also take note of further information on the websites of the faculties and departments.

Disadvantages compensation for students with childcare responsibilities
It is possible to apply for a disadvantage compensation because of childcare responsibilities during the Corona-crisis.
Further information (in German)

Attendance in online classes
Attendance in online classes has been suspended for the summer semester 2020.
Further information for students at CAU: Information for students

Examination periods in the summer semester 2020 and lectures start winter semester 2020/21
Because of the Corona-crisis the examination periods for the summer semester 2020 and the lectures start for the winter semester 2020/21 have been altered.
Info mail University Kiel (22.05.2020)

Emergency childcare during examinations and preparations for examinations
Applying for emergency childcare is possible for university students who have examinations or have to prepare for examinations. A treatment equal to that of students in school is recommended by the youth wellfare office. The application has to be directed to the responsible childcare place and will be decided by the facility.

Parental allowance during Corona

The German government has planned to adjust parental allowance in these special times in order to avert any disadvantages for families because of Corona.
Further information here.