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Child benefit (Kindergeld)

Child benefit is a state benefit for children. It is usually paid from birth until the child is 18 years old. However, in many cases it can be paid longer, e.g. when a child attends university or further education. Child benefit can be paid for biological, foster or adopted children, grandchildren and children of the spouse or the civil partner.

The amount of the child benefit is 204 € per month for the first and second child, 210 € for the third child and 235 € for any further child.

To be eligible for child benefit, you have to meet certain requirements, which you can look up in the "Merkblatt zum Kindergeld KG2"  (Child Benefit Leaflet). Please scroll down on the main page to find the "Merkblatt zum Kindergeld KG2". If you open the drop down menue "In anderen Sprachen" you can find the leaflet in different languages: Link

If you hold a citizenship outside the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA) or of Switzerland, the eligibility for child benefit is related to your residence permit. You can look up residence permits for students / scientists and related eligibilities in a leaflet on the pages of the Hochschulrektorenkonferenz (HRK):  "Rights of residence for researchers from non-EU countries in Germany" (this leaflet was downloaded from this page of HRK).

Child benefit is paid via a so called Family Office (Familienkasse). You can reach any Familienkasse for information via their central phone number (within Germany, free of charge): 0800 4 555 30
If you call from outside of Germany please use this number (NOT free of charge): +49 911 12031010

Where to apply?

You have to apply at Familienkasse Nord.
Phone (within Germany, free of charge): 0800 4 555 30
Postal Address (no street name required):
Familienkasse Nord
20069 Hamburg

If you have your primary residence (Hauptwohnsitz) outside of the state of Schleswig-Holstein, because your family and child live elsewhere in Germany (e.g. Berlin) and only hold a secondary residence (Nebenwohnsitz) in or next to Kiel, then you have to apply at the Familienkasse of the city or town of your primary residence.

From March 1, 2020 onwards the "Familienkasse im Dienstleistungszentrum Peronal" closes. Please address all questions and further applications to Familienkasse Nord (see above)! Families, who already achieve child benefit from "Familienkasse im Dienstleistungszentrum Personal" will be transferred automatically to Familienkasse Nord and get a new "Kindergeldnummer" (child benefit number). No further actions have to be taken.


Application Forms:

There are application forms in different languages available. You have to open the drop-down menue "In anderen Sprachen" and select a language. For application in most cases you need the forms KG1 (Antrag auf Kindergeld) and KG1-AnK (Anlage Kind zum Hauptantrag Kindergeld), which you can find here: application forms

Children's allowance (Kinderzuschlag)

Children's allowance is an additional financial aid paid to families with low income.
It can amount up to 170€ and depends on the family's income, assets and their requirements.
Further information


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