Family Service

Short information for future parents

The short information for (future) parents can be downloaded here: PDF


Prior to birth

  1. It´s up to you when to tell your employer or supervisor about your pregnancy.
    But consider that your workplace might be dangerous for you and the unborn child! Avoid potential risks as long as you have not officially announced your pregnancy.
  2. Get information beforehand (CAU Family Service, faculty commissioners for family affairs, Studentenwerk, AStA) e.g. about maternity leave, parental leave, parental allowance, prolongation possibilities of work contracts due to leave periods, part-time work, child care etc.
  3. Check possibility to change tax class: If net income is higher in certain tax class, parental allowance will also be higher. Tax class must be in place for at least seven months to be relevant for parental allowance. Therefor change has to be accomplished at begin of pregnancy.
  4. Plan how to further proceed together with your partner (e.g. when either parent will take parental leave; part-time work or not); prepare yourself for meeting with supervisor
  5. Mothers: Announcement of pregnancy via your supervisor to the HR Department (employees) or Student Admission and Registry Office (students) or International Center (international students) or Deans Office of Medical Faculty (medical students). Communicate predicted date of birth.
  6. Mothers: „Gefähr­dungsbeurteilung“ = risk assessment at your workplace / study surroundings will be executed > outcome can be a restriction to work / study
  7. Mothers: HR Department (employees) or Student Admission and Registry Office (students) or International Center (international students) or Deans Office of Medical Faculty (medical students) will inform about the maternity leave period.
  8. Make an appointment with your supervisor / lecturer to talk about leave periods and further planning on how to proceed with your work / studies. (Mothers: while pregnant; fathers: in advance of leave period)
  9. Get information from your health insurance
    a) Mothers: Check eligibility and apply for maternity pay one week before start of maternity leave if you have a statutory health insurance. If you are insured privately (but are not a civil servant) apply to “Bundesversicherungsamt Berlin”. (Eligibility depends on insurance status.)
    b) Get information about health insurance for your child.
  10. Get informed about childcare possibilities (e.g. at the family service office) and when and where to apply.


Before and/or after birth

  1. If desired (employees only): Apply for parental leave latest seven weeks prior to leave period (NOTE: Deadline lies for mothers in the week after birth, if begin of parental leave is right after maternity leave period. It is advisable to apply earlier.)
  2. If desired: Keep contact to work group and supervisor during leave period.


After birth

  1. Get birth certificate at local “Standesamt” within one week after birth
  2. If desired: Apply for parental allowance or parental allowance plus at „Landesamt für soziale Dienste“ > please note, that the processing time of applications can be about one month. (Not employed international persons: check for eligibility)
  3. Apply for child benefit (Kindergeld) after the tax identification number for the child was issued: apply via „Familienkasse der Agentur für Arbeit“. For Kiel this is “Familienkasse Nord”, located in Flensburg. Parents can decide which parent applies. International Students / phd students: check for eligibility.
  4. If desired: Check possibility for part-time work after end of leave period.
  5. Talk to your supervisor before leave period ends about getting back to work.
  6. Apply for citizenship/ personal documents for child (e.g. at your embassy).