Family Service

Family-friendly campus


There are several Parent-Child-Workrooms if, for personal reasons or case of emergency, you have to bring your child to work:

Graduate school "Human Development in Landscapes"

The room is open to all members of the graduate school. It is located at  Leibnizstr. 3, room 141

"Institut für Ökosystemforschung" and "Institut für Natur- und Ressourcenschutz"

Members and students of the institutes can use the room at Olshausenstr. 75, Geb.1, room 116

Faculty of Engineering

Seperate room in the gatehouse (Kaiserstr. 2; 24143 Kiel) open to all members of the Faculty

SFB 855, Physics

The parent-child workroom of SFB 855 is located in Leibnizstr. 15, ground floor, room 079.

Department of Biology (Biozentrum)

Members and students of the department of Biology can use room E45, Am Botanischen Garten 7. The key is available at Ms Kohrt (phone 880-4257).

Eating and changing facilities

Dining and play area for children:
The Mensa I and Mensa II canteens each have a dining and play area for children. High chairs are also available in both canteens.

Changing facilities:

Mensa I (extra room opposite the restrooms)
Mensa II (In the ladie´s restroom)
Heinrich-Hecht-Pl. 9, wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Bibliothek (disabled toilet)
Olshausenstraße 75, S2, EG, (disabled toilet)
Faculty of Engineering, Kaiserstr. 2, East bank (Ostufer), Gebäude A, room A-043 (disabled toilet)
University Sports Centre, gatehouse (disabled toilet)


Free kids meal

Students can apply for a free kids meal for children that are under the age of six at the students union.
More information (in German)


Mobile toy box

Main entrance gate

The Family Office purchased a mobile toy box. This can be used by students and staff who have to take their child to the office for a short period.

The toy box is available at the main entrance gate of Kiel University. It can be borrowed under the conditions laid down in the regulations for use Benutzungsordnung (PDF in German)

Faculty of Engineering

You can find toy boxes in the Mensa (Canteen) at the Faculty of Engineering, Kaiserstr. 2.

Zentrum für Schlüsselqualifikationeen (ZfS)

ZfS provides its members it´s own mobile toy box.

Childcare Space

The childcare space is located at Olshausenstraße 80i. It is used for accompanying childcare during events and for the kids holiday program.

Kids´and Students´ University

The kids´ and students´ university is taking place every year in fall / winter.
Here you can find more information


You can find the university playground on the main campus in the botanical garden (close to the main entrance at Leibnizstr.).