Family Service

Welcome to the family-oriented Kiel University!

Because of the Coronavirus you can only reach us via email in the next weeks. Please feel free to send us an email if you have any enquiries!

A word from the University Board:
The CAU University Board would like to take this opportunity to thank you most sincerely for your commitment and willingness to take on and overcome the challenges posed to us all by the pandemic and its consequences.

We are aware of the great strain that many of you are under. It goes without saying that childcare or the care of relatives must be taken into account, as this will considerably increase your personal burden. We fully understand if you are therefore not able to fulfill your tasks in research, teaching, and administration to the extent that you yourself consider desirable or necessary. We also expect this understanding from your colleagues and direct superiors.

Kiel University is committed to family-friendly policies and infrastructures.

The Family Service counsels, supports and coordinates current projects and devises new concepts for family-friendly conditions at the University.

It is meant to be a first contact point for all members of Kiel University that have questions according to the compatibility of family, work and studies. That includes child care, family-friendly teaching and infrastructure.

Kiel University supports parents and their right to share family duties with each other. It is the matter of all members of Kiel University that tolerance and understanding towards people with family duties becomes a matter of course and accepted practice on campus.

The family service team

Information about the family-oriented Kiel-University is available on this website. Please also check the download area to the right.

We offer confidential consultations about personal matters concerning the compatibility of family and work/ studies for all members of Kiel University.

We don´t have fixed office hours, but appointments at short notice are usually possible.