Family Service

Commissioners for family affairs, functions and networks

Family Service

The Family Service provides counselling and advice to all members of Kiel Universty regarding the family-friendly university. It is responsible to implement new measures for a family-oriented university.

Vice President for Diversity

The vice president for Diversity, Prof. Anja Pistor-Hatam, promotes family friendly measures at Kiel University. She is the head of the "Arbeitskreis für Vereinbarkeitsfragen" (Working group for compatibility of work/studies and family needs) and connects the Family Service to the university board.

Vice President for Diversity

Commissioners for family affairs

In spring of 2012 commissioners for family affairs were established at Kiel University. Since then they became active in planning and implementing themes that are relevant for families in the interest of a family oriented university. The commissioners for family affairs are the interface between the family service, which is located within the central administration and the faculties, Graduate Center and Clusters of Excellence.

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Arbeitskreis für Vereinbarkeitsfragen (Working group for compatibility of work/studies and family needs)

The working group discusses and implements issues of the family-oriented University. Members of the working group under the chair of the Vice President for Diversity Management are the Family Service, the Gender Equality Commissioner, the Students Union and the Commissioners for family affairs.


Kiel University is member in different networks, such as "Unternehmensprogramm Erfolgsfaktor Familie".